Warranty / Repairs


Free up to 60 days from delivery date

We stand by our work, honor our word, and more than anything, want you to be in love with your new PS46 piece(s). However, mistakes do happen, and within the warranty timeframe, we will make repairs or resolve any issues at no cost to you.  Our 60-day warranty covers the following:

  • Manufacturing defects: broken chain, faulty clasp, etc.
  • Errors/Item Missing: stamping errors, wrong size, item missing

If one of the above applies to your order, please email hello@psfortysix.com with your order # in the subject line. 



Timeframe: 60+ days from delivery date

  • Chain Replacement: If your chain breaks, we offer Disc / Pendant or Bar Replacement Chains. Read the product listing carefully for further instructions. 
  • For all other repairs, please reach out to us at hello@psfortysix.com.